April 13th, 2010

These rules are here so we can all have a good time here at

Please read them!

Thank you!

Actions that will result in a warning / infraction

1. Double posting/thread bumping

Intentionally double posting for the purpose to “bump” a thread, whether your own thread that hasn’t received enough attention, or an extremely old thread, may result in disciplinary action
2. Misleading help to users

Intentionally misleading other members is not a good way to contribute to the community.
3. Off-topic posting

We allow off-topic chat in the appropriate sections, although certain discussions are prohibited everywhere:
* Discussions or other-expression surrounding politics and/or religion
* Soliciting, asking for donations and/or begging for money
* Steering a thread significantly away from its original topic
* Adding no substantial content to the thread by posting, “This,” or “That,” without further expansion.
* Discussing post count (it is irrelevant and should not concern you)
4. Advertisements or unapproved off-site links

In general, off-site links are not allowed to be posted without prior approval. Many popular sites, such as Youtube, Digg, Twitter, TUAW, DeviantArt etc. are already approved. What we are trying to avoid here is shameless promotion and spamming of other sites.

We also do NOT allow reviews that do not disclose that a product was received for free or at a greatly reduced price. We consider this astroturfing. As a rule of thumb, if you are reviewing a product and the general public cannot get it for the same price you got it for, you should mention that to avoid misleading our users.

Another note: DO NOT share your Facebook, MySpace or Bebo accounts!
5. The posting of obscene/pornographic material

This includes extremely obscene language. We trust our users to be tasteful, so we do not filter swearing, but we may warn/infract at our discretion.
6. The posting or discussion of illegal or pirated material

That being said, our forum has always been appreciative and supportive of the work of independent commercial developers and development firms, and copyright holders in general. As such, we do not allow the posting or discussion of any material which is illegal or pirated.

In addition, the usage of the graphic design elements of others without permission is the theft of intellectual property and will not be tolerated. Like all other violations, this will result in an infraction.

Furthermore, anything that is illegal by United States and/or California law may not be discussed. This includes:
1. Illegal drugs
2. Fraud
7. Inciting unrest on the forums

Encouraging users to break the rules, registering multiple accounts to circumvent bans, and other such activities will be swiftly stopped.

Just to be clear, creating another account to avoid a ban will result in permanent bans of all accounts. If you are sharing a computer or internet connection with another user of this site, please be especially mindful of the rules, as any ban on your account may also affect the other user unfairly.
8. Flaming, trolling, insulting other members, excessive immaturity, etc.

At the full discretion of the moderator, anti-social behaviors will be disciplined. We want a pleasant environment for the majority of members that are here for help and enjoyment.

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