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‘Community Review’ – The Origin

December 17th, 2009 5 comments

Over the coming weeks, I hope to be trying out people’s attempts at custom campaigns and posting one’s which I think deserve a mention and review. I am in no way associated with the author of any which are posted – just to make that clear. Now, let’s get to it.

Browsing the internet earlier, I came across what appeared to be an interesting custom campaign created by someone of the Left 4 Dead 2 community. This campaign/map is in its early stages, but I thought I’d try it out non-the-less.

From a first glance when the map initially loads, it looks very professional and well done (which it does throughout). All textures look great (no broken/faulty ones), the starting point looks well-polished and positioning of objects look at VALVe-Standard.

Let’s walk through it.

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Dead Center Screenshots

November 6th, 2009 19 comments

These are only some of the many screenshots that were posted here. To see many more (and larger) screenshots of Dead Center, please visit Left 4 Dead 2 Forum.




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Left 4 Dead 2 Bus Spotted in Miami, FL

October 29th, 2009 6 comments

When Valve announced a few weeks ago about their $25 million ad campaign to promote the November 17 release of Left 4 Dead 2, I wasn’t sure on how they were planning to market this game besides TV ads. Today, somebody got to see this Miami Public Transportation bus in the city of Miami. Yes, an all Left 4 Dead 2 Bus! Pretty sweet indeed! Perfect timing before Halloween.


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Just Some Left 4 Dead 2 Tidbits

October 18th, 2009 18 comments

Here’s just some stuff for you to chew on.

Another screenshot of the new Hunter:


SCAR gun fires in 3 bullet-bursts, as seen in this video:

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The New Hunter

October 9th, 2009 11 comments


Credit goes to gagaters of for taking the shots.

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The New Female Boomer

October 8th, 2009 7 comments

Check her out!


There is footage of her at 1:30 into this video.

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Left 4 Dead 2 Cinematic Screenshot

October 5th, 2009 7 comments

I’m quite sure we all know that Left 4 Dead 2 will likely have a cinematic, so here’s a screenshot from it featuring our “clown” uncommon infected giving us a mean smirk:


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Screenshot of a Left 4 Dead 2 Spitter

September 15th, 2009 15 comments


Isn’t she pretty?

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Left 4 Dead 2 Dark Carnival Screenshot

August 29th, 2009 5 comments

A brand new screenshot from the Dark Carnival campaign in Left 4 Dead 2.


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Left 4 Dead 2′s Concept Art

August 26th, 2009 3 comments







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