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Old Special Infected Will Be Like New

July 31st, 2009 1 comment


Destructoid had the chance to visit Valve studios to gain a ton more information about Left 4 Dead 2. They found out that the original old special infected from Left 4 Dead 1 will be getting a makeover.

We had the distinct pleasure of visiting Valve’s studio this past week to get a personal look at Left 4 Dead 2 and chat to the brains behind this year’s big zombie shooter. Coming soon, we have a lengthy interview with series writer Chet Faliszek, where we ask a number of burning questions, such as the one that’s been bugging me for weeks — will the Hunter, Smoker, Boomer and Tank be getting new models, or will they just be recycled from Left 4 Dead as previews indicated?

“One of the weird things with Left 4 Dead 2 is that we’re not showing a finished product, yet it plays like a finished product, so all those guys are getting re-skinned and remodeled,” Chet answers. “They’re going to be mutated to the area — it’s the South, it’s a little hotter. A guy running around in a hoodie is gonna be a little rare. We haven’t shown that yet, we’re gonna be showing it … actually I don’t know when we’re going to show it, but it’ll be shown before release.”

In addition, Chet revealed that the re-skinned Special Infected would have new vocal recordings as well.

My biggest gripe with Left 4 Dead 2 after playing it at E3 was the fact that the original Special Infected were using the same models as their L4D1 counterparts, so learning that the original creatures are getting brand new looks is a brilliant bit of news for me.

It’ll be really interesting to see how the Special Infected become more localized to the South. A Hunter in dungarees really would look a bit odd, though.


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Valve Responds to Left 4 Dead 2 Racism Accusations

July 31st, 2009 No comments


A Houston Chronicle blog post caused quite a stir a few weeks back when it tried to make Left 4 Dead 2′s New Orleans setting sound racist, or at the very least, insensitive to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. While visiting Valve this past week, we asked how they felt about the accusations, and Left 4 Dead writer Chet Faliszek was quite frank with his response.

“Utter insanity,” says Faliszek, when sharing his opinion on the controversy. “There are mixed races of zombies, there are all different races of zombies that you shoot, and since we placed it in New Orleans, that makes it racist? I honestly re-read the paragraph about five times … but when two of the characters in your game are African-American, it’s a weird thing to be accused of. We’re like, ‘how does this work’?

“… As far as Katrina goes, if you go down to New Orleans, Katrina’s still going on. I mean, it’s messed up, it is crazy that the city is still in the state it’s in, and we treat that with the utmost respect. Our CEDA thing is not some subversive commentary on anything. This is a videogame, those are real people’s lives, we are not trying to make a statement with that … It’s a place we love, it’s dear to our hearts. We would not cheapen it. It’s not a brick-for-brick representation of New Orleans; it’s a fictional version, and I love that city.”

Most would agree that the “controversy” over Left 4 Dead 2′s setting was ridiculous, but it’s good that Valve reiterates just how bizarre the accusations were. It really goes to show that you can’t do anything involving black people these days without some moron (usually a guilty white person) screaming about racism.


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Valve Wonders if Wii Can Handle Left 4 Dead

July 31st, 2009 No comments


Valve’s Chet Faliszek writes what he thinks about the situation between Left 4 Dead and the Nintendo Wii.

“I’m very interested in social gaming. Left 4 Dead is social gaming,” explains writer Chet Faliszek. “One of the reasons why we’re on Steam and Xbox Live is because those platforms deliver that, they deliver hooking up with your friends. I have no idea how you’d do that on the Wii. I mean, I can be sitting there, watching Netflix on my 360, I see a popup saying that someone online who I know is playing Left 4 Dead, and I can go join them. How am I doing that on the Wii?

“Left 4 Dead couldn’t have existed ten years ago without the technology to hook you up with your friends as easily as we do now. Even QuakeWorld, when that first came out it was this huge thing because you could hook up with any stranger, but it still didn’t let you connect to your friends and there was a lot of work on that and on Steam, we had a lot of iterations of friends lists because it’s not an easy problem to solve, there are a lot of things to want to do right.

“I don’t know if those other platforms are doing that yet, so when I see a game coming out like that on the Wii, I just wonder, ‘how’s that gonna work?’ Best of luck to them, that’s totally cool and if it’s a cool game I’ll definitely buy it and figure it out, but I don’t know how that works. I think it’s hard to discount how powerful the Xbox Live community and Steam community are.”


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More New Footage of The Bridge

July 28th, 2009 2 comments

Here’s a new video. Enjoy.

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The Deal Behind Rochelle’s T-Shirt

July 27th, 2009 1 comment


Some of you have been wondering why Rochelle is wearing a “Depeche Mode” t-shirt. What is “Depeche Mode,” you ask? It’s an English band that started on 1980.

Here’s the story why Valve decided to give Rochelle a Depeche Mode t-shirt.

The zombie apocalypse isn’t where one expects to find product placement, so it was a little surprising to see Rochelle, one of the new Survivors in Left 4 Dead 2, sporting a pink Depeche Mode t-shirt.

Surely, I thought, when first seeing the band’s likeness and logo emblazoned on her tee, that wouldn’t last very long. But that Depeche Mode cameo is intentional and it’s authorized. Chet Faliszek, co-lead and writer on Left 4 Dead 2, says that Valve solicited bands and record labels for the sequel, but Depeche Mode was one of the few who responded.

And it appears they responded in a big way, with Faliszek explaining to us at Comic-Con that the band was very free with letting Valve use its likeness, its audio recordings, and, obviously, its t-shirts in the game. Probably a smart marketing move, considering the band just launched an album and constantly reminding a few million Left 4 Dead players of the band’s existence can’t hurt.

Faliszek didn’t expand on how, or even if, Depeche Mode would be employed beyond the outfit of the “cool 80s chick,” but we’re hoping for a well-hidden cameo.

We’ll definitely be on the look out for any zombies that even slightly resemble Dave Gahan, just in case.


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5 Minutes of Left 4 Dead 2

July 27th, 2009 No comments

Perhaps the best Left 4 Dead 2 gameplay video yet.

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More Left 4 Dead 2 Videos

July 26th, 2009 No comments

Bloody Ax and More Blood

Zombies Over the Bridge

Zombies Attack in the Forest

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Left 4 Dead Costumes at Comic-Con

July 26th, 2009 5 comments



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The Spitter Was Foreshadowed By a Forum User Months Ago

July 26th, 2009 1 comment

Basically, some guy had an idea for a special infected called The Spitter. This happened MONTHS ago when nobody even knew about Left 4 Dead 2. Turns out the Spitter actually came true.

On May 31 – before anyone knew Left 4 Dead 2 was coming – user Walking_Target gave a detailed description of a special infected he and a friend wanted to develop with the L4D SDK.

“After spending an hour chatting about it, we came up with the idea of ‘The Spitter’ ” Walking_Target writes. He then gets down to discussing what this zombie does. Lo and behold, it’s the spitting image (groan) of the special infected Valve announced for L4D2 this week.

Here’s the best part: Walking_Target is said to be a cofounder of the L4D2 Boycott movement.

Chances are this is just a neat coincidence. For certain Valve has been working on Left 4 Dead 2 well before May 31 and probably had this special infected spec’ed out before then, too.

But if not, it’s one hell of a middle finger back to those who raised so much hell about a Left 4 Dead sequel being made so soon.

And here is the thread that made this story.

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The Spiker. New Special Infected?

July 25th, 2009 19 comments

Rumor has it that some attendees at Comic-Con have heard details from a loose-mouthed Valve employee about a new special infected in L4D2 called “The Spiker”. The Spiker, true to his name, has spikes all over his body. Like the boomer, he will rush into the group of survivors and then unleash all of his spikes into the group. The spikes go in all directions so they hurt everybody.

As of right now, this is still only a rumor but that sounds pretty awesome. If true, that would mean that now three of the four new special infected in the sequel have been revealed with The Charger and The Spitter having already been confirmed to be in the game.


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